Hello world and welcome to my blog!


I guess that this is where it all begins! This is my very first blog post and I’m ecstatic to get going with these. I will try to do, at the very least, one or two blog posts per week for awhile as I have a lot to write about from the past 13 months of straight travel! My blogs will be all over the place, I will try my best to make this blog a “one stop shop” for all things travel and adventure related, I do love versatility entirely too much! In the future posts I will include country guides from places I’ve traveled to, random tips, travel stories, and just about everything else in between!

You will have to bear with my for awhile as I try to work my way through the technical know-how on here, I’ve never done any form of blogging before, unless we’re counting a travel journal and I’ll take a wild guess that that doesn’t quite count! So for the time being I hope you enjoy my future posts on here as I try to get my start and figure out how to make this website looks and run a lot sexier!

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