About Me

Who is “thewanderingmontanan” actually? Well I’m just a guy from Montana who wanted to find out what was out there in the world and discover everything that this world could be for myself, as well as everything I could become (I’m cheesy as hell). I primarily caught the travel bug on a student exchange program from Montana State to Flinders University in Adelaide Australia, a large “country” town in Southern Australia that’s a bit off the traveler radar, but that lovely place is the subject of a later post so I digress for now. I fell in love with all things world travel, the ever changing horizons, the amazing people I meet along the way, the once in a lifetime experiences straight out of my wildest dreams, and everything in between.

I traveled to 15 countries in 2016 (primarily in Asia and Oceania) and really couldn’t have fallen in love with global travel anymore if I tried, so all my current life plans and goals seem to revolve around traveling the world, it’s a really awesome problem to have! I graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman Montana recently with a degree in Exercise/Health Science, a degree I look to utilize more in the future when I want to be a little more stable, but your guess is as good as mine for when that’ll happen, this guy’s caught the travel bug currently in just about the best/worst way imaginable!

I’ve always had an immense love for the outdoors and all the activities that come with it (shocker being from Montana right?!). I like to do just about anything and everything that keeps me active and moving, one of my mantra’s being that “I like to do all the things”, because well…I’m a yes man who likes to dabble in a bit of everything that I can, and just kind of roll with the punches that I’m offered, this has turned me into an absolute yes man which in turn creates a lot of crazy travel stories as one might imagine so hey there’s that!

I strive for authenticity in my travels, as I typically shutter at the thought of being part of set itinerary or strictly set up group tours, it’s absolutely cliche but for me travel is so much more than seeing the sights and snapping some photos along the way. Travel is so multifaceted and can benefit anyone in a variety of ways, especially solo travel, it teaches you how the world really is, who you really are and what you’re capable of doing, and gives you an immense amount of self confidence like nothing i’ve ever seen before.

To scratch the surface a bit, travel to me is the changes in yourself and your perspectives on life and the world around you, it’s meeting the locals and doing things the local way to understand their customs and improve your own cultural spectrum. Travel is getting out of comfort zones and seeing past your fears to do anything and everything you set your mind to, the only limits are the self produced barriers made by one-self, and travel absolutely helps you to break down these walls if you give it the chance to. Travel is doing countless things for the first time that I never would’ve dreamed of back home, and it’s the ever changing horizons that i’ve learned to crave. It’s the amazing like minded people from all walks of life that you meet along the way that share moments with you whether it’s for hours, days, weeks, etc. Travel is appreciating all that is beautiful in this world from natural wonders to man-made masterpieces to people themselves, and it’s all the little things in between.

change of pants after this one please


A good portion of my life these days revolves around my love of the outdoors, my newfound love of photography (slowly learning on this one), my passion for all things travel and adventure, health and fitness, my friends and family, creating crazy and exciting stories with said friends new and old, and just about everything else in between pertaining to adventure and travel, I’m an absolute yes man so I strive to be up for whatever whenever (within reason).

I’m a ridiculously goofy person with an upbeat outgoing and positive personality and I’m typically wearing an excited yet stupid grin on my face everywhere I go, again it’s a big part of who I am, and you’ll all soon realize my odd sense of humor thrown into these posts as well as an overbearing amount of sarcasm, because well, that’s who I am. On top of all that I love meeting new people from all walks of life, cultures, races, personalities, etc., swapping travel tales with people that I meet along the way has to be one of my favorite random parts about constantly meeting people as a solo world traveler. Everyone is living their own unique story in this weird thing called life and I always look to learn more by talking to others that I meet along the way, really helps me gain new perspectives and just meet extraordinary people in general, and connecting with others is a substantial part of travel for me.

As for where I’m from and why that’s incorporated into my name, I’ve got deep roots to the state of Montana as I spent most of my life living there and a good portion of my family there, I’ll always love where I’m from and preach about why others should make it a point to go there in their own USA travels! With that being said it has been brought to my attention time and time again in my travels that not many people outside the US have met many people from Montana or know much about it, thus I will be creating an array of posts attempting to showcase it to any interested readers if I can! It’s an outdoorsman’s paradise and helped shape me into the active nature enthusiast that I am today, and when your home is as beautiful as Montana, it’s easy to see why. Montana is not well represented on the global scale as it is a highly conservative state in the NorthWest with only a little over one million inhabitants, and for a state nearly the size of Texas, as you would imagine there’s quite a bit of open space (they don’t call it the Big Sky State for nothing). If I had a dollar for everytime someone overseas mentioned that they didn’t know anything about Montana or where it was in terms of US geography, well let’s just say I wouldn’t ever have to worry about trying to make any money off this blog!

I created this blog for a multitude of reasons, for one I wanted to reach a larger audience with my travels, my tips, guides, stories, and everything in between. Secondly I want to help others in their own travels as well as inspire others with their own wanderlust, if my blog posts can even help one person with their travels, I’ll chalk it up as a win! It’s not much but I have a deep desire to help others and this is just a small way to offer my tips and guidance to everyone that wants to read, just think of me as your own personal tall goofy lonelyplanet!

I’d like nothing more than to show people some of the more authentic and nomadic ways to wander this planet, and show that it doesn’t have to be expensive (the contrary actually!). And lastly I really just wanted to document my travels officially so that I can have things to look back on to along with the amazing memories! I’m here to help, I love reaching out and meeting new people so I’d like to reach out to everyone that I can on this, so if anyone has any random questions for me feel free to shoot me a message or email no matter what the subject is. If you have ideas for future blogs on topics you would like covered, hell just shoot me a message about that and I’ll see what I can do!

Either way I’m stoked to get going on this, hope you all enjoy and welcome to my blog (if you managed to read all this you should win some kind of prize, seriously, props to you, you go Glen Coco)!